Seattle Genetics & It’s Pharmaceutical Drug Pipeline

With all of the advancements in cancer research and drugs, Seattle Genetics stands at the forefront of a very competitive market. The company is looking to widen it’s pipeline of drugs to fight this deadly epidemic while using it’s most commercialized drug, “Adcetris” in many more treatment scenarios. Company (CEO) Clay Siegall stated that the drug is commonly used for fighting Lymphoma and is currently being tested in as many as 70 trials. The final results for all of the trials is expected to make the biggest impact of Seattle Genetics this year. Adcetris is the company’s most successful commercial drug and in the past year has racked up around $226 Million in sales. The company has big things in store and already has 12 other drugs in development in present time.

Company (CEO) and President Clay Siegall has led the way in the fight against cancer and has positioned Seattle Genetics at the apex of the industry. Dr. Siegall has a resume of excellence and has been the proud recipient to a number of industry awards. The company’s(ADC Technology) has generated well over $325 Millionand there are currently more than 20 (ADC’s) in development at present time. Dr. Siegall has been in the industry for many years and has worked with GlaxoSmithKlien, Genentech, and Pfizer.

Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics has revolutionized the fight against cancer and are continuing to push the company further in the near future. Dr. Siegel currently owns 15 patents and is the author of 70 publications to date. The George Washington University Graduate has guided Seattle Genetics with his strong passion for helping those in need. Seattle Genetics has two drugs for bladder cancer and one for breast cancer that has a large amount of data and that data will be released this year. Clay Siegel and Seattle genetics are the very definition of “the fight against cancer.”