Securus Technologies Helps Stop Crime in its Tracks

Securus Technologies is a communications company based in Dallas, Texas that provides communications services to over 1.2 million inmates all over the North American Continent. They serve over 3,400 law enforcement agencies, safety organizations and correctional institutions.


The ability to connect inmates with their families on a regular basis has made things a whole lot better for inmates, prison personnel and the families. It gives an outlet to a very boring and uneventful life in prison and the families have been thrilled to be in touch with their incarcerated loved ones.


Different plans are available such as collect calls, direct billing, where the family most likely will pay the bill, inmate pay, and advanced pay. Services such as email and voice messaging are also available in case an inmate happens to not be available at the time a call is received.


The Securus messaging system also helps to prevent crimes. Correctional institutions have always been subject to criminal activities such as smuggling drugs, alcohol, and being the focal point for the planning of other criminal activities on the outside. The Securus phone system has a voice recognition feature that can identify the voices who it records on the phones.


This feature allows law enforcement officials to identify and use the recordings as evidence in stopping various crimes before they get started and to be used as evidence in court cases. Just the knowledge that the system exists is enough in many cases to stop criminal activity before it begins.


Prison personnel, families and inmates in general are all glad to know that there are safeguards that are built into the communications system, as well as being thankful for the system itself. Inmates and their families can celebrate holidays, birthdays and special occasions, even though incarceration keeps them apart physically, they can still stay in touch.