Securus Technologies Making Christmas Miracles Through Video Visitations

I can imagine how a family might feel with a parent in jail during a joyous event like Christmas. I remember my father missed one Christmas because he was in jail when I was young, and we didn’t even know he was in jail for some time. I understand that he made a mistake now that I am an adult, but at the time, I felt like it was unfair. Children do not always understand that their parents need to pay for what they have done.

I remember my father talking to us on the phone that day, and it was kind of strange. In short, I definitely understand the strain that a relationship like that could have on a family, so I can sympathize with families that have to deal with this. Apparently, someone at Securus Technologies understood the kind of troubles a family can have should a member of their household get stuck in jail. The company has been a major provider of communications technologies for different prisons but has recently given families a new tool to use.

The new tool is video visitations, which I could not believe when I first heard the news. The technology gives the prisoners an opportunity to set up video visits with their families during a certain window of their day. The visits do not force the family to leave their home, and they get to see each other. Of course, it is not the same as being with the person, but it is a lot more accessible and should help families feel closer. I know that many families cannot make those trips to the prison every day, so giving them video visitations will be invaluable.

Christmas is coming up, so it should be special because the technology even allows them to record videos. This means that a prisoner can see his family enjoy Christmas morning through video if they record some clips or schedule the event around a video visitation. The possibilities are endless but the point is that this kind of technology is going to give these families an opportunity to feel closer. I was completely surprised that it was possible but apparently Securus Technologies developed a secure system that allows the guards to monitor the visits without invading privacy. This is done through a set of algorithms on the system that checks for incriminating words or messages and only intercepts those. I think it is great, and I think it will help families feel the Christmas spirit as much as they can, even in this situation.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.