Senior Vice President of True Value Understands His Customers

A lot can be said about the experience that comes with working in the same field for several years. Kenneth Goodgame has established his career in marketing, sales, and commercial innovation. As a senior Vice President and chief marketing officer for the True Value Company it is essential that he knows the business. A retail company relies on the product that it stocks to sell, and in order for them to sell enough marketers will employ and device available to them to drivel sales. It’s these marketing and sales tactics that Goodgame has honed over the years.

It takes a lot of strategy and planning to develop a merchandising strategy that will work in a niche specific company. Customers come to your store to find a very specific product, so not having why they need or presenting it in the clearest manner are two things that will be all they remember. As a VP, Goodgame can only go by sale numbers at the end of the month to try and determine what is happening out on the floor of stores. Therefore, not only is he responsible for purchasing the store’s products and developing a layout, but he is responsible for employee training and ensuring that they are knowledgeable about the products carried in the store.

It is his understanding of what the current trend in shopping is that helps him pinpoint where it is going, that helps him establish which products and how many to introduce to the brands stores. Goodgame knows that customers will look to True Value employees to answer their product questions and ask for recommendations. To ensure those same customers shop with hi brand, employees are given the chance to learn about the products, try them out for themselves, and really be educated about the equipment that they will be selling to others.

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