Splitting Costs after Divorce

Divorced parents will seldom split the bill on the big things in life. There is a big imbalance when it comes to things like after school activities, training, college and weddings. This can be seen even with people like Michael Phelps that have risen to Olympic champion fame. He was raised by a single mother, and the mother – seen at every Olympic swim medal event that Phelps participated in – is obviously the one that footed the bill for the dreams of her son.


According to New Jersey’s own Bari Zell Weinberger, family law expert and founder of the New Jersey Weinberger Law Group, the court will be the one that takes things into consideration when these type of issues arise. Weinberger has stated that the income of each parent is taken into consideration. There is also a matter of the demonstrated talent of the child in question. It is usually also easier to determine something if the child was already participating in the sport before the marriage ended. There should be some things that are clearly defined in the divorce proceedings if one parent is looking for help from the other.


In so many cases it all falls on the shoulders of the parent that have full custody. This is often the way that it happens if there is no clear court decision or written documentation that spells out the person that is in responsible. That is why parents that have multiple children should really make sure that they get something in writing when they are getting a divorce. It can become a very expensive thing to make the attempt to take care of the activities of multiple children that are trying to compete in various events outside of school.


It is never a good decision for any one parent to take all of these expense on. There will always be some resentment when this is done. It is better to have some costs that are split down the middle. This gives both parents some decisions making power regarding the activities that their children can participate in. There are a lot of children that make it to the top in the activities that they participate in, and the support of two parents is ideal.