Stanford University Expanding Free Tuition for Low Income Students

Stanford University in California is taking steps to help students fight the burden of debt.

The renowned center of learning is offering free tuition for children whose parents earn less than $ 125,000 per year, and accommodation and free for those whose families entering less than $ 65,000 a year meals.

Families with incomes under $ 125,000 must have ‘typical assets’ that are worth less than $ 300,000.

Folks at Handy have learned that students will be required to pay a contribution of $ 5,000 per year for their summer jobs, their savings or work part-time during the school year, which will also pay parents. Stanford also stipulates that this contribution can be covered by external grants or student loans.

The university annually supports large number of students from families with ample resources, and in 2010 the financial aid director said that on average families who have children in college have annual incomes of $ 125,000.

In total donations to Stanford reach $21,000 million.

Student loan debts have become a large problem in America, and according to a 2013 study, 69% of young people coming out of college had overwhelming debts they could not pay.