Stephen Murray Had A Talent For Business And Deal Making

Stephen Murray served as the late Chief Executive Officer and founder for CCMP Capital before passing away due to health related issues at the age of 52, early last year. For many people, a huge hole was left what Stephen was gone, and many of his friends and colleagues expressed their goodwill and how astounding Stephen was as a leader. His level of expertise in business, his knack for deal making on Crunchbase, his interest and activity in philanthropy, all of this made Stephen Murray a leader in his field and well-respected among many.

Stephen started off in New York, where he was born and raised by his parents in the country of Westchester on This is where Stephen completed his education and then went on to college to receive a higher education. He ended up earning his Bachelor’s in Economics from the Boston College in 1984. Right after this is when Stephen put himself out there and got started on his career.

Stephen Murray got started at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation back in his hometown of New York. It didn’t take him long to start finding success either, as he was able to quickly move up the ranks at the company. In a mere 5 years he was already the company’s Vice President. It was also at this time that Stephen attained his Masters in Business Administration.

Stephen worked at the company for years until it enged up merging with Chase Bank. Which he followed along with as well. By 2005, Stephen had become the head of buyouts for JP Morgan Partners on, where he managed use his talents to help the company. Once the tensions rose, the idea for a spin off company, CCMP Capital came about, which was lead by Stephen Murray.

CCMP Capital has invested in many large company’s, including Cabela’s, Quiznos, and the Guitar Center. Typical transactions and investments for these deals were in the hundreds of millions, which is no problem for a company that has a total net worth of around $12 billion dollars. 

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