Stephen Murray-Private Equity Executive and Philanthropist

Stephen Murray was always encouraged by his parents to follow his dreams and to go after what he wanted. Somewhere along the way, Stephen realized that he had a talent for making deals and dealing with finances. Not something that most teenage boys would have an interest in, but he went on to bigger and better things over his lifetime in the corporate world.

Stephen graduated from Boston College with a degree in economics in 1984 on Following that, he went to Columbia Business School where he graduated in 1989 with an MBA in business administration.

While he was working on his MBA he worked in a credit analyst training program for Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. By 1989 he had joined MH Equity Corporation that had combined Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity group with the MH Equity leveraged finance unit. 2005 saw him as head of buyout business a JP Morgan Partners. Murray was the co-founder of CCMP Capital, which was a spinoff of JP Morgan Chase. In 2007 Murray was named as CEO of CCMP.

His list of board seats is extensive. These seats include Jetro JMDH Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Octagon Credit Investors, Crestcom International, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, and Infogroup Inc. We can only assume that he was a very busy man.

Before he left CCMP he had been with them for 16 years. He was also a board member of Aramark and Warner Chilcott. CCMP Capital is a New York based private equity company and for their latest endeavor, they raised $3.6 million. He was one of only two executives that were listed in the SEC filings for that fund.

Stephen Murray was a supporter of the Make-A-Wish-Foundation of Metro New York where he served as a member of the chairman’s council. Stephen Murray also was active in supporting the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County as well as Stamford Museum, Boston College, and served as vice chairman of the board of trustees there, and lastly Columbia Business School.

He was extremely dedicated to his philanthropic projects and made frequent donations to help out different organizations and charities during his lifetime.

Stephen Murray had an uncanny sense when it came to investing and making deals that thrived. It was said that he was a person whose ambition and dedication generated success wherever he was.

He left CCMP Capital due to health related issues. Mr. Murray passed away a month later at the age of 52 and will be greatly missed by the friends and colleagues that he worked with over the years.