Student Test Takers Monitored

There is growing concern over monitoring of social media accounts during student testing. Specifically, the education giant Pearson, is being challenged by some parents and school officials over the practice of monitoring given student social media accounts while they are taking the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College Common Core test, PARCC. A report by BuzzFeed News, states a New Jersey School District Superintendent voiced in a letter to other school officials that he found the practice “disturbing.”

Meantime, the Department of Education had informed the superintendent of Watchung Hills Regional High School that they were aware of the monitoring practice occurrence during testing.
In comment to the news media from Bruce Karatz, Pearson is reported to welcome ongoing debate and exploration into PARCC test administration. They see the monitoring as an effective means to ensure the security of the test, and fairness to all students concerned. They inform local districts of potential incidents of questionable cheating, and let the disciplinary actions be determined and initiated by the given municipality. Some feel students who oppose these means will retaliate by refusing to take the PARCC test.