Susan McGalla followed her Recipe for Success

Women have come a long way from just being called ‘little woman’. Women have petitioned to work outside the home for centuries. The ‘little woman’ was finally able to attend college and get a degree in teaching and was still referred to as the ‘School Marm’.

Females were still considered by the size of their hips as good marriage material to birth strong sons. The twentieth century woman was holding down well paying jobs, making gunpowder and bullets for weapons because the men were in the military fighting for their freedom. The little woman was taking care of the family and became head of the household.

Women had to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, seize their determination and go to college so they could enter the same business fields as the men.

The women made the hard decisions by running a business behind the man until he died and had to take over the family business. This action ruffled the feathers of the board of directors of many companies. How dare they have to take direction from a woman? The barefoot and pregnant, staying at home like a good wife were over.

Susan McGalla made the choice to be a wife, mother, homemaker and a business woman. This is multitasking at its highest point. There is no monetary payout for taking care of a full household, it’s strictly the life you chose.

Susan McGalla attended Mount Union College and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in business and marketing, a field that is male dominated. If she had any fears of entering this field it didn’t show.

She held numerous position in marketing and being a manager with the Joseph Horne Company from 1986-1994. Susan started as a buyer for women’s clothing and her determination to succeed led to her becoming President and CMO of the company.

She worked at American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. She launched her private consulting business for retail and financial investment industries and held a position on the board of directors of HFF Inc. She founded P3 Executive Consulting and is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the esteemed Pittsburgh Steelers. The only male that can call her the ‘little woman’ is her husband, and he says it with a smile because he is proud of her accomplishments. Susan McGall has proven that you can have your cake and enjoy the sweet victory of success.

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women and the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation or IFC, launched the first global finance facility for small and medium sized enterprises or SME’s. The $600 million in capital will be available to the businesses owned by women.

The women who own their own business today is far from the 50% mark. Women are making history as more businesses are increasing their success by recognizing the intelligent input of women. Board of Directors are appointing talented, smart and the dedicated, to the position of President, CMO, CEO and CFO in their companies.

Women have started and maintained their own brick and mortar businesses as well as online businesses for decades. To be recognized and respected by your peers is a monumental victory.