Talk Fusion is Making a Difference Globally

In less than a decade, Talk Fusion has become one of the leaders in the international video communication industry, and Bob Reina, the founder and acting CEO, is excited to announce that he is offering a 30-day free trial that includes all the programs.

Video communication is growing as a popular venue around the globe, and research predicts that by 2017, 90 percent of Internet communication will be video. Talk Fusion offers crystal clear video and sound using high-tech equipment. In 2016, Video Chat won the 2016 Wert Product of the Year, and it was due to the high-quality technology that Reina relies on. He refers to his team “second-to-none” as the company continues to excel.

The premier package that is offered includes Video Email, Video Newsletters, Video Chat and Live Meetings for e-conferences, Sign-up Forms, and an analytical program for evaluations. All of this is available in the free trial offered and only an email address is required for registration; no credit card number is needed.

Talk Fusion History

Mr. Reina conceptualized Talk Fusion in 2004 when he was on vacation and wanted to send a 10-second video, but couldn’t find a venue. He committed to developing Video Email, and in 2007, Talk Fusion was born.

Instantly, this program was accepted by over 100 countries because of the excellent design and presentation, and Bob Reina developed the other programs with the same high quality. In less than a decade, Talk Fusion was a global communication company.

Bob Reina takes his success seriously, and has a saying, “with great success comes greater responsibility”, which he lives by both in his business and out. His team members know that he is also a passionate philanthropist and helps people find their dreams and develop their goals. Mr. Reina regularly donates to an orphanage in Indonesia, and last year he made his largest donation ever with a one million dollar gift to Tampa Bay Humane Society to build a shelter for strays. The All-in-one Solutions free trial is another way that he is paying it forward, and he is happy to offer it.

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