Talking Through Bad Events: One Perspective

Recent events make it difficult to be a parent. What do you do? What do you say? How can you be there for your kid, if your kid even notices what’s going on at all? Recently, Huffington Post released an article discussing just that.

When I was little, I was always told that bad things happened in the world, but I saw a lot of bad things happen myself. I wasn’t ever shielded from the fact, by lesson or by experience, that bad things could happen to me, people I loved, and good people all around the world at any time and there was nothing I could do to completely prevent that. Yeah, I know. My parents let me experience a lot growing up, and I actually think it made me a more compassionate, more understanding person.

When my children come to me with things they’re afraid of, I tell them that bad things can happen to them, and that bad things will happen in the world sometimes. I tell them, though, that they have the power to stop that. I tell my children they have unique gifts to use in creating a world where bad things are less likely to happen. I tell them the world won’t be perfect in their lifetimes, but they can create and experience a better world for their children, the way I am doing for them.

It seems to work. How do you and your children talk through bad events in the world?