Textor Lawsuit Has Been Dismissed

The lawsuit filed against John Textor and his colleagues from Digital Domain has been dismissed by a judge in Superior Court because the suit did not have any real merit. The suits were filed by a law firm that is known for filing against executives, and Textor was accused of fraud and negligence. This was first brought to us by PR Web, and the suit is one that was sitting underneath the surface of Hollywood as it slowed down the works for many productions.

These lawsuits all seemed to be copies of one another, and lawyers for Textor saw that they were often just carbon copies that were designed to make it hard for Textor’s lawyers to fight all of them. This is a victory for people who are fighting in court for their reputation, and Textor was able to come out on the other side with his reputation in tact.

When people are taken to court by phony lawyers, they need to remember that this is the story of someone who was able to get from under these terrible accusations.