The Bands That Keep Kids Close

Are you afraid of where your child will go? Scared of them straying too far away when you’re outside at the park or anywhere in public? KiLife has created wearable devices that utilizes Bluetooth and apps to help track a child’s distance from the parent. They can easily emit a siren or sound if ever the child wanders too far away.

Whether you’re at a park or in a crowded place, you can be sure that this tool protects your child while also giving them freedom. The company is based in Utah, and via a phone app, parents can set a distance of how far their child is allowed to roam. You can choose any specific distance, allowing you to provide more freedom in places where it may be okay to wander a bit farther, i.e. a family house party. You have two bands to choose from; MyKidPod and the KiBand.

These bands are extremely helpful because the loud alarm sounds it makes will sound off right away. When a c child reaches that last booing of being too far away, the sound goes off instantly and you can try to locate them quicker before running off.

The CEO of this product felt the problem come into mind with his own child. Feeling lost and afraid when his child would wander off, he didn’t want to chain or lease his child to stay close. Instead, he simply wanted to make sure that his child had freedom while also being watched over. Creating this app for him was his way of helping his family and others on keeping a closer watch on their kids.