The Camara Ban Has Been Lifted

Have you ever gone inside the white house? Do you remember having to put all electronics that could take photos and post them to social media away? This 40-year old ban has now been lifted thanks to Michelle Obama. Cameras and photos will now be permitted inside the white house and during public tours. In a statement, the white house said that the people who have visited the white house can now “keep those memories for a lifetime”.

Though cameras are now allowed, camera sticks or “selfie sticks” will not be allowed inside the white house this was announced on LinkedIn. This restriction remains due to safety reasons. Other things that are still not allowed in the white house are live streaming videos, talking on the cell phone, or texting.

The white house even went further with their statement by showing pictures of the two white house dogs. These dogs are among the many that enjoy the tour when people come. The white house encourages visitors to now share their experience at the white house. This is done putting any of your desired pictures from the tour and adding #WhiteHouseTour to the post.

Michelle lifted the ban recently as a way to show the public that the leader of the United States does not hide anything. He is an open book that wants everyone to know how honest he is. I am sure that there will be many new white house posts on social media from now on.