The Dorchester Collection becomes a World leader under Christopher Cowdray

Becoming the Chief Executive Officer of a chain of luxury hotels may seem like a difficult thing to do for many hotel managers, but Christopher Cowdray has accepted the challenge of turning a group of individual luxury hotels into a recognizable chain. Educated at Columbia University in business management, the Zimbabwe born CEO quickly headed up the ladder of the luxury hotel industry and was promoted from his position as the manager of The Dorchester in London to his current role in 2007. Cowdray was charged with the task of creating a single brand identity for the Dorchester Collection and overseeing the expansion of the chain across the globe.

Cowdray has taken his task and developed the Dorchester Collection brand with relish, overseeing the brand to become known around the World as the individual identity of each hotel was maintained for guests to enjoy. Cowdray has developed a number of luxury options for guests and sees the individual service provided by each member of staff from himself to the back of house staff in each hotel as important in creating the perfect atmosphere. Understanding individual guests needs has become a major part of the process Cowdray has undertaken as he looked to create a brand known for providing the best in customer service in a crowded and growing marketplace. Fighting the growing trend for luxury boutique hotels, Cowdray understand the needs of the individual are always the most important aspect of a great hotel stay, which can mean lowering air conditioning temperatures for certain guests and providing iPad’s for room service options.

The brand developed by Christoper Cowdray will also be guarded by the CEO as he hopes to make sure the identity and luxury status of the Dorchester Collection is protected into the future. Cowdray believes to many luxury hotel brands have set about an expansion plan that sees their hotels located in areas that do not suit the needs of the brand or the traveler. The Dorchester Collection will only move into markets customers wish to enter and at a rate that maintains the highest levels of luxury and service.