The History and Importance Of Eucatex

In late 1951, the first Brazilian company solely dedicated to environmental comfort, opened its doors. Located in São Paulo, Eucatex prides itself in being one of the few, if not the only, company to use eucalyptus as material to create its products. Products that they make include ceiling tiles and panels for third-party companies. From the late 60s to 1980, Eucatex expanded as a company from Brazil all the way to the United States, and also expanded its product line, introducing paint to what they distributed. Speed up to present day, Eucatex now exports to over 37 countries and manages out of four factories.

The president of Eucatex, and also a lawyer, is Flávio Maluf. LinkedIn points out that as well as being president of a major company, Maluf is a very successful entrepreneur. Born to Brazilian politician Paulo Maluf in 1961, you can find both of their names included in the Red diffusion of the U.S. Interpol where it remains to this day. In 2005, Maluf was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice, but was granted an injunction due to lack of evidence.

Eucatex has participated in Forestry Partnership and Leasing since nearly the beginning of its debut. The owners of rural areas of Brazil partner with Brazil and acquire an agreement to lease properties of the company for a select amount of time. Value has also been known to increase of the properties belonging the owners.

A wide variety of programs has benefited from being partnered with Eucatex. The company donates to educational programs, athletics programs, and several others. The Environmental Education Program, also known as the ‘House of Nature’, is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the company. For more than ten years, Eucatex has helped students, collaborators, and groups dedicated to conservation. Most important, they have developed programs that shed light on the handling of forests and have trained educators so they are able to work with both students and in every day situations.

All in all, Eucatex is a powerful company doing many great things to help sustain the environment from being harmed further and keeping it safe. You can be sure that the company will continue to strive and grow, and its team will always be thinking of new and innovative ways to help keep the environment a beautiful place to live.