The impact of Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics

The impact that Seattle Genetics is bestowing especially to the cancer community is significantly noticeable. The company which specializes in making drugs is not only testing how its first drug can be put to use but is also looking to hire a huge number of employees.

All of this show that the company is determined and plays a big role in trying to revolutionize cancer treatment. The drug, Adcetris, is being tested for its ability to treat Hodgkin lymphoma. According to Siegall, if the results come out positive, then it would put the company ahead of all of its competitors. He goes on to explain that this is not the only drug they are developing as there are other 12 medicinal drugs that they are yet to test. 33A is one of them. The drug will hopefully be able to treat a special type of leukemia. Most of the other drugs have been mainly formulated to treat other forms of cancer including breast and bladder cancer. Siegall puts it clear that they will release a considerable amount of information as the year closes. As they do this, the company which currently boasts over 800 employees is looking to recruit about 120 more, 100 of which will be based in the United States and 20 of which will be attached to their Switzerland offices.

An alumnus of the University of Maryland, Clay Siegall is one of the co-founder of Seattle genetics which was formed in 1998. Before this, he had been working for a pharmaceutical research institute for 6 years and this is where his passion and experience in pharmaceutical drug making may have grown. It is immediately after that he left to form Seattle Genetics in which he is currently the president and seats at the helm among the board of directors. He graduated from Maryland with a degree in zoology and later furthered his education in George Washington University after which he was credited with a Ph. D in Genetics. His portfolio is diverse and actually interesting to look at. An Entrepreneur of the Year award is just but one of the many awards he has received.