The Myth Of Charles Koch Debunked

Charles Koch is one half of the siblings supposedly intent on making sure the 2016 Presidential election goes the way of the Republican Party. Charles Koch works alongside his brother David to provide funding for programs and groups dedicated to improving the chances of conservative leaning politicians obtaining a position of power, but the view they are buying elections is not one the facts back up.

Charles and David Koch inherited Koch Industries from their father, whom had developed an oil refining business the brothers pushed to new areas of success. The Koch Brothers are given a tied position as the fifth wealthiest people in the U.S. and have been taking a keen interest in politics throughout the last few decades, which include a period spent working to build a third party in the U.S. to rival the Democrats and Republicans.

The third party aspect of the lives of Charles and David Koch is often misinterpreted as being a reason for the brothers now seeking the best ways of backing conservative programs; Charles Koch has helped create a group of organizations dedicated to pushing forward conservative values within the confines of the GOP and not to gain control of the party itself.

A further area of misunderstanding the Koch brothers often face is the issue of their motives having an impact on U.S. politics, which they feel is more important than simply backing their own business interests. Charles Koch has continually expressed his concern over the various government agencies that create a federal government he feels is too large to be effective; reducing big government has little effect on the business career of the Koch brothers, but does fit in with their conservative beliefs in creating a better society through smaller government.

The Koch Brothers are not the only conservative individuals who are backing the programs and organizations developed under the umbrella of the pair. A large number of donors have now come together to support Charles Koch in his belief that conservative values should dominate in U.S. politics, which is something he has been driving forward since the reelection campaign of President George W. Bush. The insinuation that Charles Koch is driven by a clash of beliefs with President Barrack Obama is not backed up by the facts, including the fact Charles Koch was a major donor to the 2004 election campaign of President Bush.