The Non-Traditional Family Make Be the Best Way to Help Children Understand Diversity

Several decades ago there were television shows that tried to show Americans the model of the traditional family. There were shows like The Brady Bunch, The Waltons and The Cosby Show that tried to paint the picture of the model family. These shows were praised for family values. There were others shows like Roseanne that came along and totally changed all of this. This was a show that presented a dysfunctional family. It was the type of show that would open up conversations regarding the squeaky clean family and the gap between reality and fictional television families.

In this day and age there are few television shows that show the traditional families that have been carved into the mindsets of the other generations of TV viewers. The generation of today is learning much more about diversity in families and this is being reflected on television. Much of this reflection of diversity comes from the real life changes that children are witnessing. In New Jersey, for example, there is a white lesbian couple that has adopted several black children. These mothers were interviewed by the Huffington Post and they shared their outlook on love and parenting as two moms in a household where there is a white girl, 2 black girls and two black boys. These are lesbian mothers that are raising adopted children. This may be as diverse as a situation can become.

One big reality that children are realizing is that the traditional family is gone. There are gay couples that are adopting. There are transgender children in families. There are interracial families. There are all types of different formations of families. Oddly, this pairing of so many different types of family groups may turn out to be the best possible way to learn about diversity. Children don’t have to do a lot of thinking about how they should feel about diversity in the homes. They are being raised in homes where diversity is just a way of life. This is something that helps kids understand other children. This will inevitably help break down many prejudices in the world.

The traditional families of the past often seem foreign to children of today. Many kids that watch old sitcoms cannot relate to what they see.