The passion for the sport is in the blood of Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins has a lot in common with his father, Jack Terpins. In fact, he says that he is the only photocopy his father since he is the only child he had. Rodrigo Terpins is also considered as one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs in Brazil. For over two decades of experience in the world of business and serial entrepreneurship, Rodrigo Terpins has founded and sold more than five companies from the level of startup to the multimillion corporations. This is just a tip of what he considers as the better business value because he is addicted to success. Few people can compare themselves to the amount of success Rodrigo Terpins has achieved in the world of business and sports. Visit for more info.

While Rodrigo Terpins has always strived to become passionate about his business upraising, he is also passionate about his sport. In fact, he says that he is nothing without the sport. For those who love what they do, they will always strive to develop better business values when they adopt a good sport that pleases their heart. Rodrigo Terpins also says that the sport gives him hope for the next business day when he is out of business. If you are seeking to achieve a lot in business, you must look for a sport that gives you passion in a manner that is not capacitated in the business world. Few people can compare themselves with Rodrigo Terpins as he has achieved so much with the sport.  Check out comunique-se to know more.

While Rodrigo Terpins ventures along a wide range of competitions in Brazil, his father dedicated his son to basketball. His passion for the sport enabled him to work towards attaining the most sophisticated business capability in a way that has no achievement in the world of business and trade. Rodrigo Terpins’s father played for the best basketball club in the United States in the 70s. During that time, Rodrigo Terpins was born to become his father’s heir. While his father worked to sustain his business needs through basketball, he also inspired other young people to pursue a sport that could land them at a better place in their economic futures.

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