The Rising Trend of Being Child-Free

Decades ago, it was almost expected for a woman and man to marry and begin having children almost right away. This was the norm back then and anything else was often frowned upon or thought of as weird. Nowadays, things are changing a lot and the norm is not necessarily as common and good as it once was. There is a growing trend, or lifestyle really, that is called being child-free. This movement began just recently and is continuing to grow in popularity all over the world. It basically refers to either an individual or couple that does not want to have children and would rather remain childless on their own doing.

While many people may want kids but cannot have them, child-free folks are choosing specifically not to procreate and have children as Handy has recently reported. This is a very personal decision that comes down to either the individual person or the couple involved and there is absolutely nothing wrong with remaining childless by choice. There is nothing that says that having kids will fulfill your life while there is also nothing that says that remaining childless will fulfill your life. The choice to not have kids is different for each and every person. The idea of remaining childless by choice is still weird to a lot of people, especially the older generation where it was almost expected to have kids and grandkids at some point in a person’s life.