The Role Played By Darius Fisher in Online Reputation Management

Have you ever heard about digital hygiene? Well, this is a terminology that was coined by none other than Darius Fisher. He uses the term to mean that everyone should be very mindful of the personal information they post online, especially on social media because you never know when a troll will try and use it against you.
Darius admits that Social media helps about 85 percent of marketers expand their brand and win more customers. Only 56 percent of people who don’t use social media can achieve as much success. However, he states that reputation management begins from the experience of the customers and what they have to say about the goods and services we offered them. If the clients are happy, they will review us positively but if they aren’t happy, they will not give good reviews. Reputation management companies come in when there have been mistakes that have led to poor online company image, and you need a change in the negative publicity.
Fisher on online hygiene
There are certain steps that fisher recommends as being very helpful in online hygiene. They are as follows:
Remove all personal data from your online platforms: When you are a public figure, you do not want your private numbers, physical address and details about your family available to anyone that can view your pages. Getting it off your site is not enough, go to professional data brokers and get a deal whereby they will remove all details about yourself from their pages.
Changing social media privacy settings: There are people that still don’t realize how many choices the social media sites give them when it comes to privacy. You can choose to go private, which means that only the people in your friend list can access the information you post online. You can also block trolls, making it impossible for them to see your pages. Other options include limiting and reviewing posts addressed to you before they appear on your wall.
Changing passwords often: If you want to lower the possibility of getting hacked, you need to keep changing your passwords regularly. Needless to say, the passwords shouldn’t be connected to names, birthdates or other easy to guess things.

All these and many more are the tricks that Fisher and his company have been using to help people achieve online hygiene. He is trusted by many companies for his ability to find solutions to even the most complicated of all social media fouls.