The Tradition Of BMG Bank In Brazil

One of the largest and most successful banks in Brazil is a bank called BMG Bank. This bank is run by Marcio Alaor who has played a major role in developing the bank in order to meet its full potential. What BMG bank is is a privately owned financial institution that has funded not only people, but also businesses and infrastructure to be built. The family that owns this private is a well respected family called the Pentagna Guimarães family. This family has a long history with being in the financial business that can be traced back to the 1930s.

BMG bank, in the 1990s, specialized in consumer financing that lead the market in investing in both light and heavy vehicles. However, after 1998, and onto present day, BMG Bank now focuses on payroll loans to individuals and institutions. In 2014, BMG bank formed a partnership with Itaú Unibanco S.A. due to Marcio Alaor’s strong involvement in the matter.

What makes BMG bank special is the fact that BMG bank is the best bank in Brazil to ask for credit. This is due to the fact that BMG bank offers the best advice for both individuals as well as corporations. These top solutions include: Payroll Credit Card, BMG Empresas, used vehicles financing as well as through home equity loans.

BMG bank has been labeled as one of the top financial institutes in Brazil due not only the sales that the company had made but also through excellent customer service that is provided through this bank.

Recently, BMG bank has transformed itself by beginning to use high-level corporate practices that are optimal for governance. These practices include depending on a Board of Directors that include a Chairman, Committees, A Code of Ethics, an Anti-Money Laundering Program, any many other brand new initiatives.

What makes BMG bank special is the fact that this financial institute works with high quality credit portfolios. This form of credit loaning also ties into the fact that this institution is a talent-based institution. This means that only those with the right aptitude and nothing else, are able to become involved in the bank.

Thanks to leader, Marcio, Alaor, BMG Bank is an old institution that continues to thrive and that will thrive far into the future. Many of the new initiatives such as adding governance policies are what will improve this 80 year institution to continue to modernize, yet keep its traditions.