The Vision Of Vijay Eswaran

The vision of Vijay Esawaran is one that goes far beyond managing a large business. It is a vision that goes to the heart of the needs of society. Asia is the most populous continent on Earth, and it is a place where many people are wanting for jobs. Vijay Eswaran knows that these people need all the help they can get, and he started a company that provides them with jobs they can do from their own homes.

The Assistance

When people are being assisted in finding a job, they simply start an account with QNET. QNET produces all of the products that the workers sell. The workers purchase all the products from the company, and the workers sell the products on their own. These daily use products are easy for people to sell in their communities, and they can sell them for a 100% markup. This means that the people who are working for the company make a good profit on each item.

The Business

When people are managing their own business, they will find that they can sell their products for any price they like. They are going to decide how much money they can make, and they can discount products when they know that they need to make some money. This is just like managing a large store, and that is why QNET works so well.

Vijay Eswaran knew that the growing population of Asia was going to need jobs, and the lack of industry in some places was going to make it hard for people to prosper in their own hometowns. Vijay Eswaran gave these people jobs that are going to make it much easier for them to make money. They can easily work on their own schedule, work with their family and support their community in many ways.