There is a huge Shortage of Qualified Workers in the Home Construction Business

Construction companies like the ones Kenneth Griffin owned are beginning to really fall behind in meeting the home construction demands primarily due to the lack of skilled workers that are available. Home construction fell as low as it has ever been recently in June, and June is typically the busiest month for home building. The Building Companies state that they have a serious lack of workers that are qualified in this field of work. This statement has been verified by many financial sources saying that the shortage of skilled workers in the home construction business has effected companies throughout the entire country.
The unemployment rate in the construction business has continued to rise due to the fact that companies are having difficulty hiring qualified workers to aid in building the rising demand for homes. Despite the fact that high schools across the country have been offering students training programs to get them certified in home construction; these programs have not been putting enough qualified workers into the companies. Primarily construction companies in the South are suffering more than companies in states such as Maryland due to the fact that the home demand is not continuing to rise. However, in southern states such as Texas where the home demand is rising, the companies are seeing major shortages in skilled workers to meet these demands. This is greatly effecting their home construction business, and causing the companies to take losses financially this year.