Todd Lubar, A leader in Mortgage Banking : Updated 2017

Updated February 24, 2017

Todd Luabr breaks into Angel Investing:


Todd Lubar serves as the President of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC, a leading real estate company. He also acts as the Senior Vice President of the Legendary Investments. Todd Lubar’s primary goal in life is becoming a better person than he is today, which he believes enables him to add value to anyone whom he comes into contact with in life. He currently lives with his family in Bethesda Maryland.

Todd Lubar first ventured into the business world was as a loan originator in partnership with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. It was at that time that he quickly learned the representation of conventional mortgage banking. During that time, Todd developed a valuable relationship with different real estate agents, financial planners, CPA’s, and prominent insurance agents. Later in the year 1999, Todd Lubar acquired an equity position at the Legacy Financial Group, which expanded his lending competence enabling him to broker loans for external investors and credit as a straight Mortgage Bank.

Lubar later took his real estate to a different level by opening the Legendary Properties, LLC, a domestic development corporation. The company facilitated the rapid succession of buying, rehabilitating, and selling leading to huge profits. The buildings that the firm purchased ranged from single family homes to more than twenty component multi-family buildings. The project gave him the opportunity to develop a good relationship with individuals experienced in housing trades boosting the production of quality, customized, and modern houses. It also helped him in developing multiple contacts with the major banking associations establishing lines for acquiring credits of as much as twenty million dollars.

Though Todd Lubar’s primary focus in life is to developing mortgage banking, he also owns several other different firms in the Demolition sector, recycling industry, the nightclub industry, and the real estate improvement sector. For many years Todd was ranked in the top twenty-five mortgage originators from the country. Todd Lubar understands how to excel in most environments and also how to run businesses due to the vast experience he has from many industries. At the moment, Todd has entered into a different industry that focuses on helping those in need.