When Life Hands You Young Minds: Make Lemonade with Nexbank


Investing in programs to build the next generation of entrepreneurs is how Nexbank is helping to develop young minds. On May 7th Nexbank sponsored a community-wide Lemonade Day throughout Dallas. Executive leaders John Holt and Mike Siekielski feel proud to help support an important program that offers young moguls an opportunity to realize their potential and build real skills to help secure their financial future.

NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

Lemonade Day is a program started in 2005 as a way to teach school-age children the entrepreneur skills needed to start, own, and operate their own childhood classic business: the lemonade stand. Eleven years later this program continues to grow and is being sponsored in cities all across the country.

In addition to nourishing young minds; Nexbank provides commercial, mortgage, and investment banking services. A fixture in the community since 1922 Nexbank strives to meet their client’s complex and specialized needs through high performance solutions and innovative ideas. In the last five years Nexbank has grown to be one of the largest banks headquartered and operated out of Dallas.

With total assets of $2.7 million and continued growth and development of all service lines Nexbank is well poised to invest in the great business minds of the future. It is a strategic move that ensures good financial health for both Nexbank and the city of Dallas.