White Shark Media: Learning From Feedback

There have been complaints over the year by customers about White Shark Media. This is synonymous with every growing business. We at White Shark Media aim to learn from the complaints that our customers put forth in order to ensure that we keep improving our services in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Reviewing both compliments and complaints from clients has resulted in a better business, which we wish to keep improving for our customers.
There are a few common complaints received that we have since solved since the early days of our business. These complaints were generally concerned with clients not feeling as though their needs were not being met. Some of the clients complained that they could not view their campaigns and that they couldn’t reach people in the agency for troubleshooting. As a result, we improved visibility of ads on our site as well as providing our clients with more information on how they could check how well their ads were doing.
Additionally, we introduced a platform where we could have monthly online meetings with our clients in order to keep track of their ad progress. We also put each of our clients in touch with their own individual in our firm who would tend to their needs and whom they could reach at any time. Other clients complained that the new ads we created for them weren’t as effective as the previous ones. Therefore, we decided to retain as much as possible of all past successful campaigns in order to ensure that the new campaigns achieve the same result if not better.
Over the years, successful campaigns have remained in use in order to ensure that the clients get the desired results. Other complaints involved contact people whom the clients couldn’t relate with. Therefore, we decided that other people would be involved with the clients and not just the contact person in order to ensure that the clients get a variety of opinions. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer SEO services yet but we are willing to help our clients to choose an SEO company by reviewing their options. We provide call tracking since most clients contact their clients on the phone.
Overall, the complaints White Shark Media have received over time have been an essential building block in the company we have today. We welcome client opinions so that they may help us serve them better.