Why Betsy DeVos is the Right Choice For Secretary of Education

Betsy DeVos is currently undergoing the confirmation process for Secretary of Education. I believe that knowing something about her past will help people feel more comfortable with her views and plans for the Department of Education once confirmed for that position. Her past and current work in supporting quality education for all children has been a driving force in her life and will continue to guide her decisions once confirmed as Secretary of Education.

Mrs. DeVos was born in Holland, Michigan to Dutch parents who built a thriving automobile parts supply business. Educated in a private Christian school in her early years, she went on to earn a double bachelor’s degree in political science and business administration. She married billionaire Dick DeVos, Jr. and became involved in political activities early in life. When it comes to promoting the benefits of charter schools and improving excellence in education for all students, I believe she excels in her ability to understand the complexities of the education system and Betsy has a vision that will serve all students well.

During her marriage, Mrs. DeVos and her husband donated a total of $139 million to charitable causes focused primarily on Christian organizations, the Arts, leadership, justice, community and education. They were ranked by Forbes Magazine as the #24 top givers in the US today. Private and charter schools have benefited the most from their philanthropic endeavors with Christian schools receiving over $8.6 million in donations and charter schools receiving $5.2 million. Public schools in Michigan have also benefited receiving over $60,000 in donations.

Read more: http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2016/01/devos_family_donations.html

I think Mrs. DeVos’s work and political history is probably her greatest asset. Her involvement in politics spans 35 years with a focus on education reform and school choice and her work in other organizations continued that interest. She worked as Republican National Committeewoman in Michigan from 1992-1998 and was elected Michigan’s Republican Party Chairwoman on four consecutive terms from 1996-2005. She also served on the boards of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Alliance for School Choice, American Federation for Children, Neurocore (a company promoting brain performance centers), Acton Institute and All Children Matter PAC since that time.

She has stated that she supports high standards, local control, and strong accountability for schools. She firmly believes that all children, regardless of their economic situation or zip code, deserve a quality education. As a “national leader in the fight to boldly reform America’s broken education system,” I believe that Betsy DeVos will be an excellent choice for Secretary of Education.

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