Wikipedia Writing For Writers

Blog posts, websites, articles and posts all contribute to the information you are seeking, but the best information can be obtained from your public or home library.

While there are plenty of materials to provide you with source of information you are looking for, Wikipedia writing requires a different approach – ability to cross-check those information. In the old days, one or more people would contribute to a book and those people would go over every word to make certain it effectively presented their ideas. Today, your writing will be made available to millions of others who have knowledge about your topic and who would like to contribute this knowledge. The platform is Wikipedia website.

In Wikipedia, anyone can edit or make changes to an existing content. As a result, some will include a new sub-topic to the page and some even change the structure of the entire page. However, it is important to note that Wikipedia wants writers to follow certain format that is well-explained in its tutorials. Writers are urged to follow these format and make it a mainstream trend. In any event another writer needs to make the content rich, he or she needs to read instructions from the tutorial. Here are some tips on how to make your topic look interesting: Use simple and understandable keywords and phrases in your writing. Make sure that there is a flow to what you write. Read similar pages and try to achieve similar consistency. Mine information from dozens of resources if available.

Once you have a lot of information sprinkled throughout the page, you will need to work on formatting according to Wikipedia tutorials. Of course, you can leave it alone and let other writers follow up on the webpage. But once you are happy with content, make it easy for other writers by checking and rechecking for spelling and grammar. Finally, since actual readers will eventually read your content, don’t forget about writing style and clarity. One very good reason to make Wikipedia writing a habit is that if writing is your profession, you can add this task to your resume.

If you haven’t written for Wikipedia, you are missing an entire universe of writing opportunities as well. But help is on the way with Get Your Wiki’s practices to get onto Wikipedia. This means that with a professional looking Wikipedia pages, you are a part of the busiest free content network on the web. The more complete you make your resume, the more useful it will be.