Worried Parents and Unvaccinated Schoolmates

Journalist Tamar Lewin described one Californian father concerned over the continued health of his formerly leukemia-stricken son. Though in remission, this 6-year-old boy must attend school while unvaccinated, risking the chance of gaining the measles or the whooping cough from other unvaccinated schoolmates. Many parents are oblivious to the risk, seeing as they willingly choose to leave their children unvaccinated. In this article, Carl Krawitt’s opinion on his son’s environment posing a life-threatening danger is made known.

Carl Krawitt made an understandable stance in his opinion regarding vaccination. He wants his children safe and healthy, and he would willingly vaccinate all his children, if only his son was able to receive vaccination. As Bernardo Chua understands it, the news of the measles outbreak came from Disneyland. Worry turned to fear, and Krawitt transformed into a powerless dictator, speaking out about unvaccinated children.

The other side, where parents refuse to vaccinate their children, posed a compelling argument against the treatment. All parents with newborns have heard about normal, well-functioning children turning autistic after receiving their measles vaccinations. These parents care about the safety and health of their children as well. They simply believe differently than Krawitt.

Krawitt has suffered much already, but he has no authority to dictate how other parents medicate their children.