Your Narrative Story Is the First Step in Reputation Management

In “Take Charge of Your Brand Reputation Management,” author Allan Hall points out the importance of creating your brand narrative. He points out that the first reason to do this is that it allows your employees to be your best brand ambassadors. Secondly, he says that having a clear brand narrative helps develop an authoritative voice quickly propelling you to becoming a trusted thought-provoking leader within your industry. He concludes that reputation management cannot truly take place until this narrative is developed.

If we assume that Allan is correct, then the next question is how to develop this narrative. A company story has three important elements. It tells where you have been, where you are now and where you are going in the future.
You can think of your company narrative as a job interview. On paper, your company and your closest competitor may look almost identical. Yet as revealed by, as the customer or shareholder explores your narrative, they suddenly realize why your company is the right choice for them. The narrative puts the human connection with your brand. After all, that is the way that people think of brands as humans.
Once you have develop this, or while you are developing it, is the best time to contact a reputation management firm because they can help bring your story to the public’s attention. If you do not claim your own narrative, then do not be surprised when your competitor tries to write it for you.
It is then the job of the reputation management firm to put your narrative before the public. When you build a positive reputation, then you do not need crisis management because your customers will spread your message to their friends.