Your Online Reputation Matters

Online Reputation Managers play a much bigger role than the average person might think. In fact, the fact that many people have not heard of such a title means that they are doing their jobs correctly. An Online Reputation Manager’s role is to influence a company’s or an individual’s online reputation and protect them against any possible negative reviews from unhappy customers.

When many people get bad reviews or comments, their first instinct may be to just ignore it, or hope that it goes away. Unfortunately, deleting it can invite more unsavory comments and ignoring it can do the same. Online word travels quickly and one bad review can catch on fast. Many online businesses are small and the owners can become defensive over ill words. This can be even more dangerous because responses are often more emotional than they need to be. The problem has now become two-fold and it is harder to get under control.

All businesses have to deal with anonymous and named reviews and all companies have to deal with these comments in some way or another. Smaller businesses are advised to cultivate responses across a number of review sites that way the impact of a negative review is significantly smaller. The bigger the business the harder it is to manage the online presence. This is where an Online Reputation Manager can come in handy.

Crisis Expert Darius Fisher is president of Status Labs which expertly fixes online presences and offers second chances to those who deserve them. While Darius usually assists high level clients, his advice can help people across the board. He advises to be proactive in business by building a fortress around one’s profile. Take personal information offline and change your password often. Any social media should be made private and cleaned up. The cleaning should include future maintenance where any questionable content should not be posted. Darius specializes in reserving bad media, but the best method is to stop it from happening in the first place.

There is no doubt that bad things are going to happen. A negative review will come through no matter how hard you try to please everyone and no matter the size of the business. With advice or personal assistance from people like Darius Fisher, there is always a fighting chance. Online Reputation Managers are a valuable asset to any business in today’s world. Your reputation is important and one upset person shouldn’t ruin it.